I recently printed several kallitypes from old negatives. I have also printed these as palladium prints. As best I can tell all variables are the same. I am using the same light source, the same paper (Stonehenge Rising), the same contact printing frame, the same water, etc. However, looking at the kallitypes beside the palladium prints I am struck by how much sharper the palladium prints are. The are really nice; the kallitypes appear blurry and grainy.

For the kallitypes I use 20% sodium citrate as a developer, 3% citric acid as a clearing agent then tone in platinum before fixing.

I would guess that the paper was the problem but for the fact that Sandy King and others have often written that Stonehenge Rising is a nice paper for kallitypes. The paper has been sitting around for a few years and it has been very humid here, so who knows.

I was wondering if anyone else had observed this phenomenon and come up with an explanation or solution?