The coated paper looked fine -- evenly distributed, nice light yellow color. It did occur to me that I have not printed in a while and the silver nitrate solution I have been using is a couple of years old. However, it has been stored in an amber bottle in a very dark corner and it is as clear as water, so I think this part of the process is ok. The ferric oxalate is a month or so old.

The printout (that is, the visible latent image before development) seemed pretty sharp, but then again, it is hard to say given that it is so faint.

The paper was as dry as it was going to get when I exposed it. I am working in the basement, which is pretty damp given the hot humid weather and rain we have been having in the Northeast. It certainly was not so damp that the negatives stuck to it. But is was not as dry as it would have been in December. I have no idea what time of year I printed the palladium images. I guess I could try drying the paper in a less humid location.

Yes, I did tone the kallitypes using a platinum toner.

I really did not notice how grainy/blurry they were until I put them next to the palladium prints.

The paper seems to be the most likely culprit, so I may start there.


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Did you tone the kallitypes, or when exactly did you notice their faults?

How dry was the paper when you exposed it? How did the printout look?

how did the sensitizer look when you coated it?