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Just last night my 15 year old Granddaughter was visiting and spied my Speed Graphic on the table. She ask a few questions (none about a Hasselblad however) so I took the opportunity to go over the camera in some detail. She then surprised me totally by stating that she would like to learn about traditional photography. You see, we gave her a d-camera for her birthday in March and she has been using it since. To say I was overjoyed is an understatement.

Now the problem is: what format should we begin with? We both would like to begin using the 4x5 but she needs one she can handle more easily at first. Im thinking about the C330f a compromise at this point. She actually said, We cant control the development of individual frames with roll film. That about floored me!

I cant wait!
How about a miniature Speed Graphic then? 2x3 sheet film is cheaper, the camera is easier to carry and handle, and it has the coolness factor of being having interesting historic connections, even to a non-photographer (Jacqueline Bouvier, among others, used one - before she married the junior senator from Massachusetts.)