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I think if anyone ever asks me the question again, I'll paraphrase Mae West and say "no, just pleased to see you".
Warning - two part story ahead, with the second part completely off topic:

I met my last girlfriend in part because I was carrying an interesting camera. I walked into the local co-op art gallery carrying a Miniature Speed Graphic and was immediately approached by a cute and funky looking artist who asked about the camera. We got to talking about photography and polaroid transfers, then met a week or so later for breakfast and so I could give her my spare Polaroid to replace the one she had been borrowing. Ended up dating for about ten months.

Which leads me to the quote above. One night when we were at a movie I happened to be carrying a small rubber snake that she had left over from a piece of (very) mixed media art she had done. During the movie I clipped it to my shorts. As we were walking out she glanced down and, noticing the snake, said "Is that a snake on your shorts?" to which I replied, "No, I'm just happy to see you."

True story.