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What does one really sacrifice in using this shorter (than 300mm) focal length? I would be making maximum 20 x 24 enlargements of 8x10 negs. Am I going to notice reduced edge performance? I have used a 135 componon S for 5x 4 and have noticed no difference between this and a 150 rodagon on the print (up to 20 x 16). I realise that at huge enlargements, the shorter focal length may not have the coverage, but at what sort of enlargement might this come into play.
The added bonus of 240 is that it doubles for 5 x 7 conveniently.

Any guidance would be appreciated, however, I should have asked before I bought it...



Michael Mutmansky is using a 240 mm lens on his 8X10 conversion of a Durst 138S. I am not sure if his is a Rodagon or another lens. I have the 240 mm Componon S that I planned on using if I get around to doing an 8X10 conversion.

He has all of the dimensional data related to that focal length used for 8X10 available. You might send him an email if that information would be helpful.

Good luck.