Thanks for the response, David.
I do have a 500CM with normal lens, but as you suggested, I can't handle the prices of even second hand wide and tele lenses. I like the idea of an inexpensive "knockaround" MF camera. I would also like to exploit this Bronica's focal plane shutter to use old lenses in barrel (like with my Speed Graphic) and also homemade lenses. I used ABS plumbing pieces to adapt a 240mm Fuji photocopier lens to a Nikon F mount. Pinhole photography will also be possible with a camera with a built in shutter. The lask of interchangable backs is not a negative for me, I only use HP5+ anyway, and the integral back, as you have said, makes for a simpler more robust camera. This camera would be perfect if it had mirror lockup however, and if it was a little (a lot) quieter. It probably would not make a very good stealth street shooting camera.