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I am of the opinion that not all RC papers are DI.
This is true as you and Ole have noted. An easier way to tell is by reading the technical data on the paper. I have always found that DI is stated in the fineprint if it is used.

Not all papers from the same manf. use DI. For example, Kodak polymax III contains DI while polymax II does not.

I think RC can deliver quite nice prints given good technique. I prefer it without DI because I believe the DI is simply for non-fine art expediency.

I also believe FB still has the edge in appearance, print control, tonal scale, and longevity. I've weened myself off of RC after working with FB for a while. FB may appear more difficult at first and it is more labor intensive, but in my opinion, the results are worth it. I've even come to prefer single weight paper over double weight. How's that for being retro?