Hi All,

Due to a technical glitch at the host the planned server move for tomorrow night basically kicked in today without anyone knowing until the site got weird. There was a problem at the host with an incorrect nameserver change directing us to the new server prematurely. The host is working on the finishing changes right now eventhough it's 4am for him.

Some data has been lost but not as much as would be lost if we re-copied the old data back to the new server, so it's best we just keep going with the new server. Your cookies may also be out of whack so you may want to logout and back in + use the items in the menu bar under "Member Links" -> view posts in last x hours.

We're almost 100% normal and I'll post when we have everything ironed out. Thanks!


Things may be sluggish for 15more mins as we transfer over all of the apughosting accounts (40 in total and 30 have been transferred).

other known issues: -image uploads, working on it now.

If you have other problems please post them to this thread. Thanks