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There is no (or atleast no defendable reason for a) superclass.
Isn't that what's so good about the internet?

Or maybe it's what some people hate about the internet.

The idea of an Úlite was raised initially with specific reference to this forum. I would like to think of this forum as a community, not a hierarchy (which is an inevitable condition of the existence of an acknowledged Úlite) and as a true community that it values all its members equally and believes that everyone can offer something good and worthwhile. That doesn't mean that it is not able to acknowledge its 'elders', but it means it does not need to pay undue attention to status as such..

We may not all be 'experts' or 'elders' (both better terms, in general I think than Úlite and far less value-laden), but no-one is expert in all areas or all the time and we can all offer different kinds of insight and experience - even heaven forbid, photographic ones. I would like to think that members believe we can all learn at times from each other.