I'm glad to see the improved performance for everyone. Not only should it be faster but the timeout issues should also be history now.

As for any lost data it looks like we're out of luck. I tried to ensure this would not happen but certain things were out of my control. Luckily that was the only major issue we had. 4 new accounts were lost and 3 of the individuals have contacted me so that will be corrected soon.

Onto the site upgrades. I had a coder doing a few critical modifications for me on the dev site and he vanished. I find it odd that we were in daily contact for weeks then he disappeared and there has been no response for 2 weeks (not like this guy at all because he was very professional). I fear something bad has happened to him. Yesterday I found a new coder to finish up his work and he'll be able to start in 3 days. He should have things finished a day or so after that. So the new target date for the site upgrades will be the week of the 24th (hopefully early week).