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Dmr, how good does it look under tungsten, is there a noticeable tint to it?
I tried to find a good example of this that I know was 1600 under only tungsten, but I don't see any that I have handy. I hope these examples will answer for you.

Yes, if you don't do any correction on it, it will show a warm tint. However, when I scan it, some simple level adjustments make it look quite normal (although I prefer indoor incandescent shots to have a bit of a warm tone to them).

Anyway, the one on the left below was taken after sunset, and the outside light was only twilight and afterglow plus some street lights. I know it looks brighter than that, but that's the way it was. The inside of the shop is obviously incandescent.

The second one below is a crop of the window area with simple level adjustments. The inside of the shop now looks quite normal to me on my monitor. I know this is not very accurate, but ...

This was just boosting the blue a bit with the high end slider and tweaking the red center slider to balance it out.

I hope this helps, and sorry I don't have any better examples close at hand.