Lightweight 4x5" field camera (1615 gram). I made the camera to have a light and compact field camera for our trip to Bretagne (starting next wednesday). To keep the weight down, I evaluated all movements that I use a lot and decided to limit movements to keep the weight down.

I promise this will be the last camera I will build this year.

It is built out of oak and aluminium and includes:
- friction lock focussing
- rotating back
- rear and front tilt, back twist and front rise/fall
The bellows is made out of bookbinders linen/leatherette. It turns out to be a bit on the stiff side.

Building time: about 2 weeks. I think I'm getting a hand of it

The camera is here shown both with a Schneider Symmar convertible, both focussed at 1500mm and 265mm.