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I had to replace the batteries in my Pentax spot meter (analog), and the unit now seems to be out of calibration. I know there is the test button and adjustment screw to calibrate. I think I once read that when holding down the test button one should adjust the screw so that the needle is pointing to a certain EV value and then it's good to go.

Is that correct and if so, is that EV value '12'? Is there anything else I can do to verify accuracy?

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I have the Spotmeter V which I think is the same as yours.

The test button is to test battery life. When pressed if the needle falls within the black bar running from about 11.5 to about 14.5 your batteries are ok. The 11.5 to 14.5 does not tell you anything about the quality of your batteries. The simple fact that the needle is in the black bar tells you: Good. If outside the black bar: Bad

The set screw above the test button is to adjust the needle farthest right to within the black dot to 'null' the meter. No buttons should be pushed.