I sure feel humbled by some of the creations here!

but, here is my 4x10 pinhole camera made from a modified Compact Disk Box Set..

inside the camera with paper negative inside.. http://blog.depressing.org/archives/inside2-thumb.jpg

front of camera showing the shutter and 'lens' http://blog.depressing.org/archives/3-thumb.jpg

rear of camera showing its snazzy looks! http://blog.depressing.org/archives/open-thumb.jpg

only good for one shot at a time!

due to the racks that used to hold CD's this camera also works great for 4x5 sheet film which fits snugly against the rear of the camera..

http://images.depressing.org/art/115...1d25baf341.jpg one of the 4x10 shots on ilford MGIV RC glossy paper negative, printed on mgIV fb

http://images.depressing.org/art/191...1d23d16cbe.jpg a 100% crop of the above image (from a 300dpi scan of the print) to show the relative sharpness

http://blog.depressing.org/archives/kitchen.jpg 4x5 image from the same camera using a different lens that is less sharp..