This has been a very interesting and informative thread.

I agree with Bruce Barnbaum about "wet up". It is imperative to judge exposures while printing with the print out of solution and blotted free of any surface liquid. But I also am certain that a print darkens further as it actually dries. I am not talking about a subjective judgement of the overall look of a print, I am referring to a clear, objective, comparative difference in a light tone adjacent to a paper white border. I don't believe that this tonal difference can be explained fully by the intensity of the darkroom inspection light vs. the light that the displayed print will eventually be viewed under so I would have to put myself in the Drydown due to shrinkage camp with Les and others here.

Huge thanks to Les for his generous contribution to this topic, to Bruce Barnbaum for allowing his writing to be added to the discussion and John for the technical help. Likewise to everyone else that added their thoughts and expriences on the topic. This is what makes APUG such a valuable and unique resource.