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I hope I'm not talking out of school here, but I'm sure a lot of people don't know this about Donald, but before he started taking all his great landscape pictures he did a lot of portraits.

Once he had his subject positioned, and to get an "expressive" look on their faces, he would often step from behind the camera, whip open his trenchcoat, then hit the shutter and make an "exposure".

This kind of gives a whole new meaning to the expression " did he use a flash in that picture". A very innovative man indeed.

Apparently, just another of his many talents and tricks.

Michael MCBlane

I really want to thank you for bringing that up. Not many people know that about me and this will serve as "fair warning" to those who might be advised of my true nature.

I was reflecting the other day. You know that some people (women for the most part, I understand) have been known to correlate a man's hat size and even sometimes his shoe size to some other part of his anatomy. This can become problematic for women when men are bareheaded or barefooted. A woman asking about hat sizes or shoe sizes becomes pretty transparent in those situations.

I think that we male photographers should adopt a new measurement for the benefit of our female members. I was thinking in terms of a new corresponding measurement being our lens focal length. That way a woman could simply ask "how long is that puppy?" It would appear innocent and the purpose would be served.

It would be a boon to the manufacturers of photo equipment. I can see Schneider and Rodenstock rolling out a new line of super telephoto lenses. Guys playing "mine is bigger then yours" would take on new meaning.

What do you think Michael?