Last year I picked up a Zorki 4K body at a local flea market from a very nice Russian man. I have been snapping away happily for a year and decided a rangefinder was better than my SLR for incognito public shooting. I have small collection of Leica Screw mount lenses (Some Russian and old canon lenses.)

So now that I am to be a rangefinder man, I must ask myself, what camera should I buy now? I have seen the now discontinued Voitlander Bessa R’s with a 35mm lenses running about $400 new with warrantee card. One guy will even throw in a Bess L for a dollar more. I have heard mixed things on how reliable they are, but the TTL Meter and built in frame lines must be nice. So if any one is using or has used a voitlander Bessa R let me know what you think of them.

Next on my possibles list is one of the old Canons. I can find one for under $300 but they are all over 50 years old now. Step up in price just a bit and the same goes for most Leica III’s and IIIa’s. A IIIf seems just out of my price range but has that handy built in flash sync.

Finaly I have the lowly Soviet era LSM Camera. For $400 I can get a dozen of them, but I’d rather just have those boys for beaters and “beach” cameras. So if you had a $400 budget what camera would you want?

Take Care

Dave M.