I have a Bessa R and also several Canon RF cameras, including an few older Leica-copy Canons, and a couple of Canon P's. The more recent Canon cameras are very good shooters, but most will probably require a CLA to function properly. Figure $75 or $100 for that into the pricing.

The FSU cameras are great if you get one in proper working condition, or are handy with tools, but few people will repair them, so any problem can make the camera a junker.

The Bessa R is a great camera with a built-in meter. I can't comment on the longevity of the camera (mine's worked great with no problems), I do think you get an awful lot for the money going that route. The beauty of the Voigtlander LTM line is that they will take any of the many, many LTM lenses that have been made over the last 80 years or so. The lenses they make are also great value as well.

In my mind, about the only Canon I would consider over the Bessa R is the P. It has a simple function, and the viewfinder works very well. It is a 100% viewfinder. Other of the the Canon RF cameras are good, but often more rare and a bit more expensive than the P. The 7 or 7S are also fairly common, but a bit bigger and bulkier, and I do not believe they were made as well. The meter in most of these is most likely shot, so unless you were serious about using the .95/50 that Canon made, I'm not sure I would select one of these over a camera like the Bessa R or the Canon P.

I use the R when I really don't want to have an external meter, otherwise, I normally shoot with the P's.