In a previous message I wrote:

"Result: The resolving power of the 90mm Fujinon EBC lens approached 100 lpm with both PMK and Pyrocat-HD negatives. Clearly the limitation to resolving power was in the optical system and/or film, not in developers."

Based on a second and very careful observation of the samples I am going to modify the above statement. My conclusion now is that the Pyrocat-HD samples resolved on average about 5 lpm more than the PMK samples.

I grant that resolving power of this small a magnitude could result from film flatness issues, but it seem unlikely that this factor would have consistently favored the Pyrocat-HD negatives.

BTW, it is precisely because of film flatness issues that I favor testing for resolution with roll film cameras over large formt cameras. My experience is that the differences in T-dimension of differnt film holders, usually of no practical consequence in real life picture taking situations, provides contradictory results in testing conditions where the tolerances are more demanding.

Sandy King