Hi Aggie,

Absolutely agree with you. Use what you know and understand best.

I am familiar with Patrick Gainer's article in Photo Techniques on the use of PMK with stand agitation. And Patrick is certainly very knowledgeable on questions of developers and film developing procedures.

However, both Gordon Hutchings and John Wimberley, who are responsible for the two best pyrogallol developers in use today, are very specific in their recommendations regarding the importance of frequent agitation cycles with PMK and WD2D. See pages 20 and 21 (1991 edition) of Hutchings' The Book of Pyro about the importance of frequent agitation cycles. And note that Wimberley recommends agitation at thirty second intervals.

Since both Hutchings and Wimberley insist on the importance of frequent agitation cycles, and given their considerable experience with pyrogallol based developers, my initial inclination is to assume that they know what they are talking about. Granted, I too have experimented and had some limited success with pyrogallol developers using minimal agitation procedures, but I have also seen some uneven staining in other similar experiments.

But, on anothe subject, really love your photo of the legs. Playful, enigmatic, and awfully well done.