I took Gordon's workshop back in Dec. of 2002 also. He did suggest that we needed to agitate frequently, but what we settled on then was 5 sec. every 45 sec. All workshop negatives came out fine. I know once I got to talking (as if I am ever quiet) and forgot to agitate my tank once. I agitated once in the 8 minutes I was developing the film for. It came out fine. Scared me to death that I had ruined that roll. I just think that there has not really other than Patricks article any real experimentation on the stand development of PMK. I'm just to darn cheap to waste a few rolls to test it.This is why I rely on most here to do that part of it.

BTW, are you going to the LF conference in Monterey? If so bring the comparison prints. I would like to see them (and not to put you donw either. I just would like to see what differences you came up with)