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The comment attributed to Hutchings about ABC for contact printing is something people should ask Hutchings directly rather than rely on a 3rd party source. There is some question about whether or not he really feels that way or made such a statement.

steve simmons
In fact I myself heard Hutchings make a similar statement about ABC for contact printing at the large format conference you sponsored in Albuquerque year before last.

However, to be fair it needs to be pointed out that the remark was made in the context of a discussion on contact prnting with AZO and Pt/Pd. These processes require negatives of much greater contrast than negatives meant for silver printing and a very energetic developer like ABC Pyro is much more practical for getting the necessary contrast in a reasonable develoment time. My take on what Hutchings meant by the comment was simply that there are other developers, including ABC Pyro, that are more suitable than PMK for developing negatives destined for printing with AZO and Pt/Pd.

Sandy King