Hi, everyone,

After trying to order Efke PL100 in 5x7" and 8x10" from Fotoimpex, I was told that is out stock without prevision of delivery time.
I've tried Photax in Sweden , but they only have 5x7 and delivery only in Scandinavia.
As far I know those are the only places that sell Efke sheet sizes in Europe.
Can someone advise me about any other place where this film is available in Europe ?
Can you confirm that Maco 100 Plus is Efke PL 100 repackaged ? Could perhaps be a solution !

After reading Sandy King words about the excellent results with Efke PL 100 I'm really interested in trying as alternative to FP4 with Pyrocat-HD for Pt/Pd.
Any input about this matters will be welcome.
Thank you all.

Kindest regards

Manuel Gomes Teixeira
Punctum Studios Ltd