Can give you my impression on this...saw it a couple of weekends ago with a friend. It starts with a full-plate dag (a very nice one I might add), then runs through the different process/artist...lots and lots of albumen prints (all of very nice quality) then once it gets out of the pure platinum or palladium prints (then a mix) is moves to the silver prints. Here is breaks by artist from the same periods, Nell Dorr (sp?), Carl Struss, Erwin Smith, Adams, Weston, Steichen, Gene Smith, Robert Adams, Minor White, the FSA/WPA folks - Walker Evans, Laura Gilpin, etc, some of the great Life folks, a nice Avedon I had not seen, and ends with 3 LARGE ink jet prints.

There are some local photogs represented - Peter Feresten, which was nice to see. A good show all in all, some really great looking Carbro prints (a process I would like to hear more about - Great color), one of Ed Curtis orotones (a personal favorite of this type was not in the show though).

What was missing strangely enough were ambrotypes and tintypes ... nothing, which I thought was strange. Since Lee was kind enough to show me some of the digital outputs he had received from different folks can say that the ink jets in the show ar so-so, not anywhere as good as other works I have seen - they were just big.

Enjoy, I will be interested in hearing your impressions after you go.