thanls les...
i will try this paper soon i think. hope i will like it. if not, there is always the lequide emultion (an outstanding one from silverprint, as well s fotospped and the mg maco), the only problem with lequide is that it is very difficult to run works when under pressure of time, which happens to me a lot. the process itslef is a real joy as well as results, but time u need for it and the extraordinary additional care is a real pain when u r not relaxed with your time.

luvzik... this topic is not about fogging,
but general and basic problems of fogging can be:
not well isolated room from light and the safelight (bad, not correct filter or too close). so look if any of this problems occures in your darkroom. may be u leave the door open or the cloth-door, which also brings light to the darkroom even if it is ilolated.