Thank you very much for bringing this up. I obviously had to check with the publisher and here is his response:

Our accountants, who were in last week, are very happy with us, the bank also seems very happy with their monthly reports and we have not only booked normal 72 sq metre space at the major UK photo/imaging show 'Focus on Imaging 2007', we have also got 'Photokina 2006' and the 'Frankfurt book Fair 2006' in our diary along with the 'London Book Fair 2007', so it looks like we are staying in business for the longer term.

Having just shipped copies of 'Way Beyond Monochrome' - amongst other titles - to our South African distributor l guess this might be a clue that we are in reasonable condition. Also, having recently shipped copies of 'Way Beyond Monochrome' to our photo trade distributor in the USA, to our distributor in Italy, to the premier photo/imaging book shop in Germany, to various retailers in the UK - including 'Borders' - as well as the major wholesalers 'Gardner's' and 'Bertrams' who are the main suppliers to 'Amazon' and the likes of 'W.H.Smith' and 'Waterstones' l guess we have enough of a debtors schedule in books alone to pay the rent for a while.

What is correct is that some time ago our Australian market distributor went into receivership and we had to claw back all our stock, but that was nothing at all to do with Newpro, its a local Australian thing that happens everyday in all sorts of markets around the world.

So to sum up. We are alive and kicking. Yes, we have a lot going on and frankly we are too busy to go into receivership.

One final matter, the ISBN of 'Way Beyond Monochrome' is 0863433545, and we can accept Visa or MasterCard, if required, and we ship word-wide if potential customers have problems in their local market.

Tomorrow l will be in the office just to make sure we are still here!

Kindest regards Chris
www.newprouk.co.uk <http://www.newprouk.co.uk>

Maybe this helps to clear the issue with your local source. Again, only a few hundred left at the moment.