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Bwahahahaha... The door is calling for you... taunting you...

Valerieeee... Vaaaaaalerieeeeeeeee...

I'm getting pretty close to completion on my darkroom and I can tell that what's going to make it much more useful and enjoyable to use than my last one isn't so much the fact that it's 2-3 bigger than the last one (converted small bathroom) but the fact that when I'm dark, I and other folks can go in and out as they please, so if I've got some negs in the soup for a very long development by inspection and I need to pop out of the darkroom for the sec -- no problemo.

For some folks, this is a bug rather than a feature. I think David Brown has a lock on his.

I plan on sharing my darkroom from time to time with folks, so the door will make it especially convenient since I and whoever I'm sharing with won't have to synch our processes to coordinate light time -- just pop into the "retreat/office" to inspect a print and back through the door to work.

I put a lot of time into fixing various cracks in my door and over fastening it to the frame that if I ever get an 8x10 enlarger I'll probably have to strip it down to parts small enough to go through the door or my square pass-through window, since pulling the door out to put more equipment in would be an extreme bother.