Okay. I went out and took pictures looking for an SBR of 6-7. I found them. Tray processed the 5 negs in Pyrocat HD 2:2:100 for the purpose of contact printing for Kalitype or Pt/Pd. BPF 200 With adjusted time of about 11 minutes things look good. I see a distinct brown tint. Is that supposed to be there? It is not pronounced and it looks kind of like milk chocolate to a degree. Great shadow detail, and the highlights are not blown out. They are also pretty dense.

I may print them but four of the five got scratched in the tray processing somewhere, damnit, so I am hesitant. That will teach me to be impatient. I'm off to get the stuff to fix the Unicolor drum, and make tubes so this does not happen again.

I believe I am on my way This is fun!