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For what purpose war photography?
His sister wasn't questioning photography ... she was questioning the death of her brother.

Every life - on either side is precious. At times, there might be a faint glimmer of justification - but now? We've proved ourselves - although there wasn't much to prove in the first place - we were stronger, by far - there was no question of that.
Does anyone think that the government of Iraq is now a threat? Does anyone think that a government in Iraq now exists?
Why are we now in there, and dying - and when are our brave servicemen - check that - servicepeople - going to get what they want and deserve most - a return home.

From the First World War - a line from a song of the trenches, taught to me by a 38 year Supply Sergeant:

"Where the whiz-bangs are a' flyin'
And comforts are few
There brave men are a' dyin'
For bastards like you."