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I should know better then to jump into this, but....I'm a bit dissheartened that RC is getting such a bad rap. I'm pretty new to this, and I've really never used anything but RC paper. By reading some posts, I take it that this makes me a "hack" so-to-speak. Ok. I can take that.
Take heart - you are not alone. I've used both - from when there was *No* RC paper.

My choice is RC - Ilford Multigrade "Portfolio" - and it is interesting to note how quickly Calumet, in this area, will turn this stuff around. Obviously there are other photographers involved with "fine art" who agree with me.

This is not to *knock* anyone's choice. It is fine with me if anyone - or everyone - else uses something else ... what was it ... Potassium bi - or di (??) chromate and any fat will produce a light sensitive emulsion... see "milk" prints -- If that rings one's bell -- by ALL means - GO for it!!