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So far, on this trip, I had a Pelican case and I thought things would be okay but:
1. My TSA lock broke. That's bizarre, it was fine when I arrived overseas
2. My Sekonic L-398 broke. That too bizarre cause it was working for a few days. I brought my Pilot 2 as a backup as well as a Pentax Spot.
3. Dropped a Hassy UV filter and cracked right in the middle. Total loss. What's funny is that when I look through the viewfinder, I can't even notice the crack (but I did take it off for photographs).

Travelling overseas: Have plenty of backups! I only have 1 Hassy body but I had 2 35mm camera bodies in case.
Eric's post about equipment problems on his recent trip reminded me of some of my own problems I've repaired or not repaired here in Hawai'i, where I'm spending the summer. So far--

1. Disassembled and cleaned the contacts on my Gossen Digisix. I think the humidity and salt air combined with accumulated dust inside the meter just made the buttons unreliable. I've also got my Minolta Flashmeter III here, but I like the Digisix as a compact field meter.

2. The adhesive that holds my Linhof polarizer in its 70mm drop-in frame turned to goo. I cleaned it and recemented it with 2-ton epoxy.

3. That epoxy came in handy again when the 4x5" mask for my Linhof zoom finder became detached from the ring that it's mounted in. Upon inspection, I think this happened to a previous owner and was repaired before. I also made a 6x7 mask for the finder out of paper and gaffer's tape.

4. The fastener that holds the front tilt lock on my Tech V seems to have broken off somewhere. This one will have to wait for a trip to Marflex when I get back. Meanwhile, I can use rear tilts, or rear tilt + front rise/fall for indirect front tilts. The detente holds it in the neutral position.

I usually have a lens spanner, a Swiss Microtool with large and small straight and phillips screwdrivers and a small pliers, pocket knife, gaffer's tape, microfiber lens cloth and a 4" Kinetronics brush in my bag when I travel. I've purchased other screwdrivers, super glue, and epoxy en route.

So what have you fixed while traveling? Does anyone have a basic repair kit that they carry? Any must-have tools or supplies that are hard to find in local hardware stores?