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My II (maybe IIa, I'm not familiar with the differences) works with my classic M6 bodies,
If you say so. The M4, M4-2, M4-P, M-5 and M-6 normally need a special modification. They used to be available (might still be) from Leica.

but the M7 would probably foul the slide mechanism.
I don't think the M7 will work. Leica also, I think, never offered a modification as it was no longer an issue.

I don't know whether or not it was modified before I got it, but I did nothing to it.
They might well have been modified. The Reprovits were quite popular and provided (not just by Leica standards) good value, function and quality. Do your "bodies" have little metal studs?

What should the problem be?
It won't fit or won't latch.

To clarify: If one owns a few suitable camera bodies then the Reprovit-IIa is a great piece of kit. The MDa camera is also neat since it allows one to "imprint" data onto the negative--- unfortunately collectors still seem to want these finderless cameras. Within the current give-away (trading at prices below what even low end repro stands might cost) its a great choice. Important is to get a complete one, including the 45 degree tube (to bring the light down to project) and vertical tube (to view). Since these are removable.. as the old saying goes about anything that's not glued or bolted on......