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IR "bends" less in the lenses, so it isn't focused as much. That means that you have to pretend the subject is closer to your camera - so you focus closer. Fortunately you don't have to force your lens helical past infinity...
This is true, at least in theory. Lately I have been experiencing trouble with IR focusing ... I religiously focus and reset to the IR (red line) on the Hasselblad lenses (the older ones) --- and ... I'm obviously "out of focus".

I've been thinking ... with films that are primarily sensitive to "far" (comparatively) Infra - Red (i.e., Kodak HIE) and filters that cut off light in the visible spectrum - this IR index probably made sense - but with the "near" IR films - Konica 750, Maco 820, Ilford SFX, and what was Agfa's -- and the use of mild filtration ... R25 ... I don't think there is that much of a "shift". Seems to me, the focus of the image we see through the viewfinder (filtered) is probably *very close* to what will be recorded on the film.

I notice that there is *no* IR Index on the new Hasselblad lenses - which would seem to bear this out.

"Next" technical task - to "wring this out".