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Not a problem. Nevertheless, for some reason I thought there was a software update involved with this upgrade. Dare I to say it?
The 'Large Format User Group' has a very similar user interface, but it seems a bit more modern and easier to use. The software skeleton must be the same? Also, on their site the hybrid mode still works when I open a scroll-down mnue from the top, here it seems to overlap (Mac OSX). But is not the main thing, I was hoping for some kind of a refreshening, but to the user, this whole thing (it must have a very been big thing for Sean, I'm sure, $$$ and otherwise) seems a bit 'transparent'.
largeformatphotography is running a vbulletin 3.5.4 framework, we're a level behind that but are about to move to the newer 3.6 that has just been released. I'm just waiting until everything is 100% after the server move and we've been stable for a week or two. There are going to be some massive improvements coming, I can't wait