8x10 7x17 Pack
I carry these things in my lens bag. There is a larger tool box for more serious repairs back at the car. I rarely go more than a mile or two from the SUV. As mentioned before, at age 66 all gear travels in a baby jogger with 20 wheels.

Duct tape roll
#0 Phillips screw driver
Small slot blade screw driver
3 foot tape measure
Spare 3/8 tripod bolt and wrench
Lens wrench
Lens cleaning fluid and treated rag
Needle nose pliers
flash light
cotton gloves
Latex gloves
Pocket knife
AA batteries for light meter
List of reciprocity times for different film
Bellows factor calculator
Stop watch
Light meter
Spare shutter releases
Small first aid kit
Pad of paper and two pens
Cell phone and police whistle to call for help

Contact information for me and my wife
Contact information for my Doctor
List of current medications and medicines that give me allergic reactions
Unfortunately I know from experience that the Emergency Room people really appreciate these last three repair items. This of course brings up the question, "what am I repairing?"

John Powers