Thank you David, I believe the questions you've posed will be very helpfull to position my needs, so I'll try to answer to the best of my present knowledge:

Q: Do you need to meter flash or just ambient light?
A: At the moment I do not have a flash, but probably in the future I will have one.

Q: Do you want to use the zone system and be able to determine contrast ratios (favors a spot meter), or is that unnecessary for the way you work?
A: In 35 mm I often use the spot metering feature of my contax 167, but it is not a narrow spot, it is more a very pronunced centre weight. I do not plan to use zone system.

Q: Do you want a meter with lots of features and ability to make instant calculations and store values, etc., or do you prefer something simple and uncluttered?
A: The math behind photography is usually very simple I can do it by myself.

Q: Do you prefer a digital readout or match needle readout?
A: it does not matter.

Q: Is size/weight important?
A: it does not matter.

Q: What's your budget?
A: not defined yet

Q: New or used?
A: I do not care.