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You didn't say what you like to photograph. If it is scenics you would find a spotmeter very handy. If it is people, then not really necessary.

I use a couple of Minolta IV flash/ambient meters. There is also a spotmeter attachment available.

Price is about $218 without the spotmeter attachment.

Michael MCBlane
What Michael has failed to elaborate on is that he really only keeps the meters laying around to impress the mothers of the youngsters that he photographs. Michael has developed his sensitivity to light to such an extent that he can "feel' the light intensity to within a 1/3 of a stop.

For a lot less money (mostly for beer...or wine in Michaels case) one can spend a couple of afternoons laying out getting a tan and develop this sensitivity to light, from what Michael tells me.

Michael tells me that the tan he has gotten, as a result of this, impresses the hell out of his wife. I guess that is because she doesn't get nearly as much sun as Michael.She is usually found in some dark and dank hospital operating suite slaving away to "bring home the bacon".