I really have nothing to compare them to at this point, except some 4x5 delta 100 processed in d76 1:1. Looking at the negs I see what I intended to see. Those areas I put on zone 2 are on zone two and the highlights appear to be crisp at the edges. They are more dense than my delta 100 stuff but that is what I intended.

Overall contrast of these negs seem just fine. I am new to the alt process world so I have no idea what to look so my descriptions are based just off these negs.

1 neg is from Canyon de chelly, three are from Window Rock Tribal Park, and one is from the edge of Beautiful Valley in the same strata as the little painted desert so it was work to find an SBR of 6-7. I have to say I like the contrast. In a normal brightness range of seven I find these negs to be rather pretty, brown stain aside. They are not the best negs I have seen but these are the first pyro negs I have made, and I see a distinct difference between these and those negs that are put in a non-staining developer. The proof will be in the prints though.

I thought Sandy's tests determined that Classic 200 and BPF 200 were different films?