This is a quote from one of Sandy's posts:

"This morning I ran a set of tests with a new box of Bergger BPF film, fresh from the distributor. In making the tests I exposed and developed exactly as in a previous test of JandC Classic 200 film.

There has been some speculation that these films, both manufacture red at the same plant in Hungary, are in fact identical.

Result of tests: The curves for a given development time of these two films are mirror images. Density values are virtually identical at any given step in Visual, Blue and UV reading.

Sandy's Opinion: JandC and Bergger BPF are, if not the same film, identical twins. Any previous differences observed in performance between these films is most likely due to emulsion batch, age, and/or conditions of storage.


Plus since we know that Classic 200 is Fortepan 200 then we have here a situation where one film is sold under three different brand names. Go figure.