Donald wrote

What Michael has failed to elaborate on is that he really only keeps the meters laying around to impress the mothers of the youngsters that he photographs. Michael has developed his sensitivity to light to such an extent that he can "feel' the light intensity to within a 1/3 of a stop.
Actually Donald that was a while ago. You are right, I can ascertain the light to within a 50th of a stop merely by glancing at the subject.

However now I have developed a special disposable meter that I have clients swallow, so that I can get a better reading of their " inner glow" or their "essence" if you will.

This has always been a challenge for us portrait types that feel the need to capture their subjects "essence". A portrait with an underexposed essence has always been a pet peeve of mine.

With this new meter, I'm now better able to balance the strobes with this essence and make a far more revealing portrait.

I'm planning to put this invention on the market soon and will market it under the name "the Glow Worm".

In our early trials, some people were experiencing a phenomena we called the "Glow Worm Squirm" but since most were kids we didn't see anything unusual. Trouble was, adults started to experience the same thing so we reworked the device a little.

Now, with a glass of Metamucil, most people pass the device within a few days. Just in time to look at their glowing proofs.

Thanks for allowing me to get this free advertising in.

MIchael MCBlane