My first time to this site, which I find very nice and informative.
For grins, I'd like to try that "look of the stars" from the 30's & 40's era.
The George Hurrell look to be exact, b/w. I have some models and a older hair dresser who would like to do some of the old styles for me. Many of which she did many years ago and thought it would be fun to do again.
My question has to do with the lights. I didn't want to use my Photogenic
flash lights or my "blue bulb" hot light, which by the way, scare the hell out of everyone when they give out! I kind of had my eye on something like the Arri 1000W Fresnel system or maybe even Mole Richardson. I was thinking of two to cover main and fill. I do have some "Inkie" lights for
hair and accent lights. I've seen these lights on ebay from time to time and think that if a person wasn't in a rush that they could pick-up a couple of lights reasonable.
Having not worked with the Arri Fresnel system of lights or Mole Richardson, can anyone tell me if I'm looking in the right direction or be willing to share their experience working with these brands of lights?
Any tips on this era of b/w portrait work?
I'd like to stay with the 1000W so as not to spin the electric meter off the side of the building when I turn them on!