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Besides, isn't it the people that give a city its character? Pictures of empty city streets always seem a bit soulless to me.

I've enjoyed both - busy and empty. I'm ok either way. Granted that there are sometimes people where I wish they were not; or vice-versa; but one works with what one has, and usually they've as much right to be there enjoying that space as I do.

I will say that in some places - like Gettysburg, PA last autumn - I discovered something new; drivers who will stop traffic to let you get what they think is your shot! I was shooting across the street at a colorful shop, and noticed no traffic - weird, because there had been quite a lot of it. Looked up over the viewfinder, discovered drivers going both ways waiting patiently for me to take my shot. No one honking. Weird! But nice.

Beats Albuquerque, where I was trying to photograph from the Avenida Cesar Chavez Bridge over the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad Yard, and the occupants of a passing car threw a full bottle of soda at me and swerved to try to make me jump to my death. People are strange.