I am sure that I am at a similar stage to you - new to MF and learning my way around a Rolleiflex. I bought a Gossen Lunasix on ebay for a reasonable price and it has been very accurate. It can do reflected and incident readings, not flash, and can take attachments if required. It is particularly good at low light readings and goes way beyond what a 35mm can offer. (Don't forget to increase exposure when using filters though).

From personal experience, I would go for something like this and not get too bogged in zone systems, etc, until you are more comfortable with the basics of exposure. My exposures went a bit haywire as I dived head first into complicated manuals and advice. I have since gone back to basics, with occasional bracketing, and my exposures are more stable now.

As a side note, my Rolleiflex has an exposure table on the back, a more advanced version of what used to come on the inside of film boxes. In most general outdoor scenarios it matches the reading given by the light meter exactly.