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Has anyone heard anything as of late? I couldn't find anything on the AZO forum.
The last thing I saw on the AZO forum about Lodima was the following message from Michael Smith, from about a month ago.

"I was going to send the paper to Sandy so he could run curves on it, but I have not done so. We tested the paper and it was too contrasty. One reason was that the emulsion had not aged. So, since the paper needs to age, as well as to have other minor adjustments made to it, there was no point in wasting Sandy's time.

We have discussed this with the manufacturer and have been assured that all adjustments would be made. At this pont we areconfident that we will have paper. But we do not yet have a delivery date."

My understanding is that the the emulsion is now aging and the paper will be released when it satisfies Michael's requirements for contrast.