I've used a Jobo for both color film and RA4 prints.

Based on the cost of chemicals, I don't think you'll get much price advantage developing your own film. In color there are no real time customizations as in B&W; it's a straight 3 min 15 sec. you're better off having a good lab do this.

Using a Jobo for prints is a pain in the ass. I only use it when I print 16x20s - minimal chemical amounts and good results. 8x10s, and 11x14s, I use a tray with Tetenal room temperature chemicals, while wearing gloves. This provides much better throughput for iterative filter/exposure changes and results are excellent. Tetenal gives you a range of room temps to use (maybe 65F to 75F) so within that range no water bath would be necessary. When done for the day, I pour the solutions from tray to bottle via funnel and reuse until I reach capacity (about 20- 30 8x10 prints per liter).

Jobos can either use chemicals as a one shot or replenished. replenished I dump 1/3 of the old solution and replace with new, e.g., 240 ml of developer, dump out 80ml of used solution and refill with fresh solution to the 240 mark. I have 3 print drums which helps with the drying out between use part.

If you plan to do only 8x10s you might consider a Nova slot processor. it has a thermostat and uses the regular RA4 chemicals which are muchy cheaper than the room temp versions, while giving you the same throughput as a tray.

you'll find that color expenditures are different from black and white. Color paper is much cheaper and color chemicals are much more expensive. this might help you decide which parts of the process you want to do yourself.
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