It's simple...simply apply no rules of composition! As soon as rules are applied they smother whatever relationship you have with your subject.

Waaaay back when I first starting using 4x5 gear, I would take only one photograph of a scene. I would walk around it, move in closer or farther away, and raise or lower my vantage point until I found what I thought was the single strongest composition. While doing this I would ask myself what it was that attracted me to the scene, and how best to highlight that for others to see in a print. (I've since lightened up, and will sometimes take two or three images, but there's almost always one image stronger than the others).

Because each scene is made of different compositional elements, and each one demands of me to highlight different aspects within the scene or my relationship/reaction to them, it's impossible to apply rules! Each and every composition is unique unto itself.

Rules of composition spawn predictable results.

Good answers aren't usually this 'black and white'