hah--the memories keep flowing...

so you're fed up. you decide to try lodging a complaint about the phone service. but the only number you have to call is the one with the lousy service---so you do a google search and come up with another number. You call--and someone answers by demanding to know who you are & "why are you calling this number? is this a joke?". silence--you ask them if they're the company--they say so & so needs to call you back & they hang up. Time passes & someone calls back and says you need to call the other number. You say--well, that's the one I have a complaint about & voice your problems. They say "that shouldn't be happening. it shouldn't take that long to get back with you." end of story. yeah--tell me about it. two grand a year for unlimited free phone support and I can't even lodge a complaint.

did it make a difference? a bit--they actually call back faster now--there's probably a red flag next to our name though.

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