Thanks for your information. I will call them to find out about the turn around time.

I have another question about these lenses. I thought you may have a better idea since you seem to use them.

I have two different versions of #5 Ilex. 14" Ektar is on later version of it whereas 10" WF Ektar is on older version (I assume there are more than two versions of it. I can show pictures of them if it would help). I am simply trying to figure out how to use cable release with these lenses.

1) Older one does not seem to respond to my modern cable release at all.

2) As for newer one, I figure out that as I release the cable release, the shutter fires. But I cannot get T or B work with cable release at all.

Is this a mechanical problem? Is there a cable release that would work well with these lenses? Is there alternative ways to get around it? (I guess I could use a lens cap, but I rather not touch the camera at all during the exposure...)

If you can give me some ideas about this issue, that would be great. Thank you for your information and attention.