This clearly sounds frustrated, for understandable reasons. I remember such feelings back when I tried to master the chrysotype process...
I am afraid I cannot be of any help with albumen prints, having never tried them myself.
I have made, however, salt prints, and, for an encouraging note, this is the only process I ever tried in which the very first print turned out a success. Problems came later, though...
So this is all about salt prints, anyway far more interesting than albumen prints, as far as I am concerned:
At the risk of being redundant, let clear a few points: 1) are you aware of James Reilly's book? This is certainly the place to start.
Have you mixed citric acid with the silver nitrate/included citric acid in the salting formulary? Other organic acid? I take it that you use gelatine in the salting formula.
Which salt are you using?
Which paper are you using?
What is your salting procedure? Brush the solution on the paper, immerse the paper, let it float on the solution (that is what I would highly recommend)
Have you used any dichromate as a contrast agent in the salting solution?