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My alternative process is limited, but I think you may be expecting too much if you are after consistent results. All of my prints are slightly different, and I think that's part of the charm. Also, the paper you use is important. I'm now using Arches Platine, but others have gotten good results with other papers. I had to get samples of numerous papers before I found one that works well in my situation. Such things as the humidity in the room where you work makes a difference.

I don't know if you can get them in Italy, but Richeson 9010 brushes work far better for coating the silver nitrate than anything else I've tried. I make salt prints and salt the paper using an ordinary Hake brush - but the silver nitrate I coat with the Richeson. It gives a much more even coat than any other brush I've tried - and better than a coating rod.
thanks for the answer, Juan...

well of course I expect to have different results in each prints, that's the fun of it... But changes in contrast can be annoying when prints get too flat. I don't have such feeling with cyanotypes - my cyanotypes give me quite constant results as long as I follow the same steps all the time. And it's the same with liquid emulsion or other things I do.

I got some Hake / Jiaban brushes from Silverprint. They do fine for other processes, including cyanotypes and liquid emulsion (maybe they tend to lose some hair every now and then but they're not that bad). And I also have some coating rods that seldomly use. I like to see brush strokes (just a little bit of course!) in my prints, especially at the borders.

Anyway, I was just a little bit frustrated for the insuccess. Complaining with the gods of photography doesn't help to much :-) so I think it will be better for me to try this floating thing also with the sensitizer. That will eliminate a lot of possible mistakes and if still something won't work then must be something else...